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Animal Instinct

Crude Atoms
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Edison is a normal guy - studying to get a degree, striking out with ladies and doing his best with his strange living situation.

But things are about to change.

After participating in a pagan ritual, he notices some of the women closest to him are acting differently. They’re now hungry, shameless, uninhibited and down-to-fuck.

As his life becomes one big sexual fantasy, he has to wonder - just what has happened? And whatever it was, is it over… or are these changes just beginning?


  • realistic, slow-burn female weight gain,
  • fast-paced, intense, hetero sex,
  • sexy AF lesbian sex,
  • belly stuffing and overeating,
  • lots of women getting in on the fun.

Length: +25,000 words, 4 images

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Animal Instinct

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