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Crude Collection: Marriage

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Ah, marriage - a time of transition in a woman’s life.

The time when she can indulge a little and let her belly swell.

But is that just food that’s making her rounder, or does this wife have some happy news to share…?

Enjoy this collection of sizzling erotica. Dispel the idea of sexless marriages now and put the moan back in matrimony.


  • The Happy Wives Club - the only thing Laura likes less than her marriage is the advice River gives her about it. When she's forced to take it on, though, the pounds begin to climb on. Will the advice work? Or is she gaining weight for nothing?
  • Owned - a young woman's dream of being a consort to a rich man comes true. She thinks her future with him is secured. What's she's about to learn is not even getting pregnant will keep him in her life. So what will?
  • 4 weight gain short stories
  • 4 pregnancy short stories
  • 2 pregfat short stories

Total length: +14,000 words.

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Crude Collection: Marriage

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